Special Events

Whenever and where ever there’s a large gathering of people, ample security is required. And the general rule of thumb is the larger the gathering, the more security is needed.

The types of gatherings that are typically in need of a strong security force include: concerts, street fairs, carnivals, large markets and celebrations of every type.

Ample security becomes even more necessary if alcohol is served at the gathering AND as the festivities continue on into the evening.
Something also to consider is if the gathering could swell into a raucous celebration. For example, is it a large gathering to watch a World Cup Soccer match? Of course, if this is the case and the favored team does well, the gathering may swell into one of jubilation which can lead to unruly behavior by those in attendance.

And we hear on the news all too often about how a major league sporting even championship celebration can get quickly out of control.

So the question is; what is the best plan of action for your requirements? That is where the professionals at BTB Security Services come into play.

Call our office for a free consultation and we will help you to sort out all of the details and make sure to get all of your requirements sufficiently covered.

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