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Find Peace of Mind with a Professional Bodyguard from BTB Security Services.

At any moment your personal safety can be affected – directly or indirectly. While a bodyguard may act as a deterrent in many potentially harmful situations, only proper planning, training, and dedication can offer protection in the face of a determined threat or unforeseen calamity.

As a VIP, incidents that could cause you harm or injury can occur at any moment. Depending on your profession or lifestyle, everyday situations can immediately turn life-threatening, whether the threat is planned or opportunistic. For this reason, it’s vital to work with an experienced protection group like BTB Security who can provide a professional bodyguard that can offer you peace of mind to go about your business with confidence.

Effective Security Starts with Detailed Planning

Quality protection from a bodyguard or security professional should be seldom seen but always present. This is only accomplished via in-depth advanced planning that assesses risk based on an analysis of transportation routes and itinerary, while still managing to remain adaptable.

Your needs must also be a primary consideration, and most executives and celebrities prefer to work with bodyguards that can “blend in” while still providing unwavering protection. The bodyguard should also be capable of integrating hospitality into their service, providing friendly customer service to the client – even those who need extra care and consideration.

BTB’s Bodyguards are Certified VIP Security Professionals.

The qualifications of your bodyguards matter. At BTB Security Services, we deploy specially trained and certified VIP security professionals that include persons with veteran law enforcement, government security, bilingual and military experience to ensure your personal protection. These backgrounds provide our force with the knowledge and real-world experience needed to handle your protection needs, in any situation and within any industry.

Whether you need short or long term personal protection, from one bodyguard or a team of agents working in tandem, we will customize a security plan that ensures your safety by minimizing your risk and liability while you go about your business.

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