Off Duty Police

Benefits of Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers:

Police Officers are Highly Trained -

Certified Law Enforcement Officers are highly trained in a wide variety of topics relevant to their role in the enforcement of laws including the operations of the judiciary system, evidentiary procedures, traffic laws, search procedures, gang activities, etc. Many of these topics are not relevant in typical situations where you would be placing this person.
They Can Often Generate A Faster Law Enforcement Response If Something Happens -

Without exception its safe to say that a police officer generating a call for help on their duty radio is going to get a faster response from other nearby officers than if a security guard places a call through the 911 dispatcher to get assistance.

Know the Law and Are Experienced at Testifying in Court -

Police Officers are well trained in the law. If you have a situation that reaches the point of an arrest, then that police officer is going to be trained to do everything properly and ensure a victory in court for your organization.

The Police Uniform Commands a Higher Level of Respect & Attention -

Police Officers are going to be treated with more respect and reverence than a security guard. If it’s a particularly difficult duty location, then that Police Officer’s uniform and badge may well be worth the investment over a security guard. BTB Security Services works with some of the best trained, most highly qualified off duty officers available. Call out office now to review your options.

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