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Our Services

Uniformed & Under Cover Officers

When required, police style uniforms are worn at locations such as retail chains, construction sites, special events where a very visible presence is required. And when the situation calls for it, our officers can also blend in under cover.

Armed Officers

Sometimes, just the presence of an armed guard is enough security for an event. Any type of uniformed or undercover officer provided by BTB can be requested as an armed guard - the firearm can be visible or concealed depending upon your needs.

Behind the Scenes

When a polished look is required, our security personnel don black slacks, black polished shoes, button up white collared shirt, blazer and a tie. Some examples might be: residential condos, co-ops and rentals as well as professional offices.

Off Duty Police

An off duty police officer is a sharply trained security professional. Now dress that professional in a sharp outfit - black suit, black tie, black shoes and white shirt - and you'll have an imposing presence for corporate gatherings, weddings and any other type of special occasion.

Special Events

Special events are any type of large gathering which can include concerts, rodeos, x-games, street fairs, large parties etc. Frequently in these types of enviornments a professional/more casual appearence is needed: khakis, a polo shirt and comfortable shoes.

Private Security

If our consultation makes a determination that private security is the best fit for your requirements, then a professionally dressed or plain clothed armed guard or off duty police officer can be provided for personal protection.

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